What to Expect on Sunday Morn…

Coming to a new church can be an unsettling experience especially when you don’t know what to expect. You may wonder “where do I sit?” Or be thinking “I hope I don’t take anyone’s seat!” “I wonder what kind of music they will play?” “I hope this church is friendly and not pushy about immediately wanting me to be a member” Maybe you have some other questions or concerns, and rightly so. Here’s what to expect when you come to New Hope Church.

1st – We’re Friendly and not pushy. We’re a big family, literally. We love to fellowship and mingle before service talking with each other and no one is putting on the “high-pressure sales” to be a member. We’re just glad you came! We even have a fellowship hour where a light breakfast and coffee is served.

2nd – We’re a casual, come-as-you-are church. You can come in a suit or jeans and a t-shirt. We don’t care what you wear and you will find a blend of everything here.

3rd – We have the words of the music on a screen so it’s easy to see and follow along with. We have 2 worship teams and they play some traditional songs, contemporary songs and a blend of everything so there is something for everyone. You are free to clap, raise your hands and worship however you feel comfortable.

4th – We don’t have assigned seats with names on the pews. In fact, we don’t have pews! We have comfortable chairs in rows and no one cares if you sit in “their” seat. We’re glad to have you and want you to feel as welcome as you do in your own home.

5th – We preach the truth of God’s word. We don’t sugar coat Jesus and we teach profound biblical truth with cultural relevance to apply it to your life in today’s world. We encourage you to dream and give you the tools to make that dream a reality.

6th – We don’t beg for money but give you the opportunity to give as an act of worship and thanksgiving while investing for your future. We teach being good stewards of God’s provision and resources.

7th – We will give you a free welcome packet with information about all the ministries of New Hope Church of God. We have 12 ways we can touch your life and equip you for serving. We have avenues for everyone to be able to serve in some capacity and want to help you understand your purpose in life.

We hope this description serves as an icebreaker and disables some of your anxieties about visiting with us. We hope to see you soon and look forward to meeting you! God Bless!

Fellowship Hour: 

Service time:  10:45 am

Kids Church: ( ages 4-9)  After Offering.

Club 58: (ages 10-14) After Worship.